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Vegetable Packages


Packages are the best way for you to secure  organic veggies for your family year round. By prepaying for your veggies, you allow farmers to plan production and focus on growing. Thank you. 

When you buy a package, you get:

  • discount on veggies
  • choose your veggies every week before delivery 
  • invites to community events
  • veggies bags delivered one at a time

How Our Packages Work 

Let's say you're a family of 4 going for a seasonal medium. This means you'll get 3kg of veggies with each delivery (total 13 deliveries).

Once a week, you'll receive an email from us reminding you to choose your veggies on our website. If you don't choose before the order cut off, you will not receive a delivery. 

Your veggies will be delivered to your selected Pick Up Point or home (+$50 per delivery).

When to order 

Order before 12:00 p.m. today for delivery tomorrow.


Choose Your Veggies

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*Orders placed are delivered on next available delivery day. See Pick Up and Delivery Options for more details.