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Organic Certification

Magic Organics Farm is certified organic in accordance with the Chinese National Standard.

With that statement alone, you may be left with more questions than answers. So let's take a look at how farms in China become certified organic and what they must do to maintain their organic certification. 

Like all things, the first step is to apply for organic certification. This is a 3 year process that requires us to periodically submit soil, water and product samples. During this time, farms cannot claim to be certified organic. 

Product tests are conducted by an authoritative certification body accredited by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS).  In our case, we are accessed by WIT Assessment.  

At this point, I want to emphasize that these tests are not easy to pass. As per government regulations, products must test for ZERO chemical residual. This ranges from pesticides, preservatives to heavy metals. This makes the Chinese organic standard as stringent as the Australian and EU equivalents. 

Once the initial organic certification is completed, farms are required to update their certificates annually. At which time we must declare all the varieties we will grow for the year and send those samples to the laboratory for testing.

Even with all these regulations, we are well aware of the perception of Chinese products. This is why it is important to consider the integrity of your producer. 

Our farm was certified organic in 2012 and has maintained the certification every year since then. In other words, we never failed the test. You can shop with confidence in the safety of our produce.


Here is our organic certification for 2021.