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MOC Collection Service - coming soon

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To address Hong Kong's waste problem, our organic farm business is taking drastic measures.

Our primary objective is to eliminate single-use packing coming in to your home. That means re-usable packaging only. 

Our secondary objective is to assist in the collection of reusables and recyclables from your home. After we pick them up, we will deliver them to government facilities to be processed. 

To make this happen, we need new customers for our vegetable delivery service to also sign up for our collection service. It's +$30 for one pick up. This will get us going in the right direction. 

Once we're able to collect a reasonable amount of plastic, food waste or any other recycle material, we will start to find our own way to process them and ultimately convert them to a useful end product for our own supply chain or for our many partners. 

At the heart of all our sustainability efforts, YOU, the consumer are in the driver seat. We provide you with the information and service to make recycling in Hong Kong a reality. All you need to do is decide what to cook! (We can help with that too).

There's 3 things you can do if you're interested in our collection service: 

1) Order a veggie package to help us get this going!
2) Fill in this form to express your interest.
3) Share his page with a friend

Our goal is to have this up and running before Chinese New Year 2022!


We've been thinking about how to deliver without single use packaging for years! We played with recycle collection, beeswax wraps, cooler boxes, you name it!  

In the end, we realized that the best (for everyone) packaging is reusable. MOC Collection Service is a natural (and necessary) extension of our delivery service. 

Here are some examples of Alvin going plastic free over the years. 


Alvin experimenting with fabric to replace plastic bags and individual plastic packaging. 


Which do prefer?


High quality and reusable coolers are the future for fresh food. It has to be. 


Clearwater Bay community recycling happens one a month. We can help!


 We toyed with the idea of reusable lunch boxes in 2019. All the food was prepared by Lisa and her team at Confusion Kitchen.