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Magic Organics Partners

Staring with a small farm in Hong Kong in 2003, our goal was to provide fresh organic veggies to address the lack of quality in supermarkets. It turns out we were not the only ones concerned. Loads of families from all walks of life came out to support at local farmers markets and that is when we knew we were on to something. 

In 2009, we began farming in Qingyuan, Guangdong where we continue to grow organic produce today. Here we grow over 80 varieities of seasonal vegetables and developed a reputation within our industry for quality. 

During this time, we met farmers of all sorts who, like us, are dedicated to quality. Who put food safety above all else. It is with these farmers we work to provide you and your family with fresh food you can trust. 

We are proud to be working with farmers and local Hong Kong businesses to provide you a basket of the freshest items. All delivered without single-use packaging.