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Problem #1: The Food We Eat Is Not Safe

Problem #1: The Food We Eat Is Not Safe

Farmers are producing food as cheap as possible, neglecting quality and exposing us to toxic chemicals.  As farmers, we understand the pressure of producing beautiful (looking) vegetables at scale, and the risk of a failed harvest.  With large overheads and thin margins, a farmer’s first priority is always to make ends meet - everything else is secondary.

The result is depleted soil, toxic run off and vegetables laced with chemical residuals. Not to mention the lack of flavour!

As customers of MOC, you already know the dangers of prolonged chemical exposure and the risks it poses to our family’s health. Eating organic where possible is the best way to keep toxic chemicals out of our body.

But what about the ingredients you can’t find organic, or those that are extremely overpriced? What can we do?

How can we ensure that the ingredients we cook with everyday are the best for us?

Well, that’s where MOC comes in. We help you to find producers who are doing the right things. We tell you where it comes from, how it’s grown and by who.  We group buy these products from farms and deliver as fast as we can and with minimal single-use packaging.

For vegetables, we will:

  1. Work with more certified organic farms to offer you variety
  2. Provide more information about our farms
  3. Interview farmers to understand their challenges and find ways our community can help

Other than veggies, we are exploring options for:

  1. Chicken
  2. Eggs
  3. Pork
  4. Beef
  5. Fish

Besides chicken and eggs which we produce locally, the rest is coming from China. We will ask questions, lots of questions to suss out the good from the bad. We will also work with local producers for baked goods, beverages and sauces.

We’re not experts in all food categories, far from it. Like you, we’re consumers first and we want good food only. We know that together, we can Eat Well and Waste Less.

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