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Hong Kong's New Food System

Hong Kong's New Food System

Today I’m proud to share with you my vision for MOC and our plan to create a good food system in Hong Kong. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the food your family eats is supporting farmers, being delivered at peak freshness with re-usable packaging? Not only can it improve our overall well-being, we can significantly reduce the strain on our planet.  6 years down the line and thousands of deliveries later, we have a plan that can help us eat better and waste less. 

First, I want to highlight 3 problems our food system will address: 

  1. Our food is not safe
  2. Our food is not fresh
  3. There is too much packaging 

We envision a circular system that starts with sourcing good clean food from farms we know. Not only vegetables, but fruits, chicken, pork, beef and fish. All delivered quickly with minimal single-use packaging.  Our focus is on fresh ingredients and local food.  (Details on website and IG) 

To make this happen, we’re rolling out a membership program that aims to serve our community by: 

  1. Providing certified organic vegetables
  2. Sourcing kitchen staples and delivering fresh
  3. Offering pick-up service for recyclables and reusables
  4. Creating neighbourhood events, workshops, think-tanks and experiences

When you order every week, you’re participating in a supply chain that uses less single-use packaging (our target is 0 single-use). To help with Hong Kong’s recycling effort, we offer a collect service to pick up clean and sorted recycling from your home and deliver to government facilities. One day, we hope to create our own reusable boxes from the plastic we collect. 

Since our world is driven by food, it only makes sense we create a system that can address the real problems.

Through our circular model, we hope to open the door for more people to join us. To offer perspective, value for our communities and protect our plant.

It’s a long road ahead, but we are determined to make it happen. Together, we can Eat Well and Waste Less!

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